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2021 Voice over IP (VoIP) Telecommunications System Web Page

Questions and Answers:
Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this?           (like,from India or Canada)
The RFP does not prevent any vendors from submitting a proposal, regardless of location. The ability to support and service a product from outside of the US may be a limiting factor in the vendors ability to meet the requirements.
Whether we need to come over there for meetings?
Per the RFP, page 8, section VI, there is a required site visit.
Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA?        (like, from India or Canada)
On site maintenance and repairs would be difficult from outside of the US.
Can we submit the proposals via email?
Page 10 of the RFP clearly states "No telegraphic, facsimile, or emailed proposal will be accepted..."
What is the estimated budget for the project mentioned above? 
Budget estimate is included with posting on the Georgia Procurement Registry. 
Is there a plan holders list available?
There is no plan holders list.
Attendant Consoles:  Provide support for custom "note" fields in attendant GUI call presence application so users would be able to leave customized "presence" messages.  Please clarify.  
Users can set their presence to notes such as In Office, At A Meeting, On Vacation, On Business Trip, At Home, Away or Busy.
The proposed solution shall provide an attendant console for servicing incoming calls to the network. The console should feature a simple, uncluttered layout of call appearance keys, attendant function keys and a large, easy to read display.  The spec calls for a console at each location...with PRI's at the HS and the BOE, do they distribute all calls to the various locations, and does the traffic at each school necessitate a console?  Or does every site have its own listed number and own auto-attendant?  
Each site has its own range of numbers and an auto attendant, except Transportation and Maintenance (included with BOE); and the Usry House (included with Student Services)

Attendant console and/or GUI version must display all presence and extension status for all extensions.  Does each location need to display only that location's users, or are you desiring visibility from all locations to all locations?
The attendant at each site will need to display only that site's extensions.

System shall display limited call presence information at a minimum for all GUI based user phone consoles.  Are you looking for more information on extensions other than on-hook/off-hook, ringing?

Will a phone with a large touch screen and sufficient busy lamp field suffice instead of a PC-based attendant console?  

System Configuration Select - manually select among one (1) to four (4) available system configurations. The feature button will indicate which configuration is active. If the active system configuration changes automatically, the feature buttons will reflect the change.  Can you please clarify this request?  
Whatever feature is active should show on the screen, such as Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, etc.
Paging/Clock System/Bells Integration : 
Are vendors integrating with an existing system that provides these features noted below?  If so, can you provide information about the current system installed?  
Yes.  Either Valcom Multipath (4 sites) or Valcom Class Connection (2 sites).
Who is your current WAN provider?
Our current WAN provider is Comcast.  We lease dark fiber from them and light it ourselves.
While reviewing the estimated Device request on the UCaaS bid I noticed there were no devices numbered under Student Services/Main Street is that accurate?
Main street and Usry house are combined because they belong to the same department and have the same range of extensions.  Total of 15 for the two Student Services sites.
What is the quantity of wall mounted phones at each school/location?
There is one wall hung phone at Thomson High School and one at Thomson-McDuffie Middle School. Each is located in the copy room of the school.
What is the number of handsets at each location needing the record option?
At a minimum, all 113 Admin phones should have the record capability.
Who is responsible for the replacement of any cable not CAT 5E or higher?
The school system would be responsible for this replacement if existing cabling is found to be less than stated above.
The Valcom system includes classroom/hallway clocks - will this need to remain?
Yes, the system must continue to support the clock function within Valcom. Dependent on the location, the clocks may be analog or digital.
Who is responsible for the demo of the old equipment?
The selected vendor must remove existing equipment and box it up at each site. McDuffie County Schools will remove the boxed equipment from each site.  This is due to some items being asset tagged.
Can you provide a rough network diagram?
Please email Aubrey Jones for a zip file of the network.
How many admin phones at each site versus classroom phones?
    Total Admin Classroom
THS   54 14 40
TMS   45 10 35
DES   18 7 11
NES   21 7 14
TES   14 7 7
MES   13 7 6
MAC   8 5 3
StSvcs   15 15 0
BOE   41 41 0
The RFP states that MCSD is looking for a VoIP solution, but there were comments made about requiring a premise based solution with administrative capabilities to be managed from a single admin portal. Is MCSD interested in a cloud/hosted solution?   
An on-prem solution is preferred.  If the cloud solution provides all we need, then it will be considered.
Who are your current ISP, Fiber and PRI providers?
ISP - Ena, Fiber - Comcast, PRI - AT&T
Do the Fiber and PRI providers commit to 100% 911 uptime in the event of a power outage?
Do they commit?  I don't know, but we have not had any downtime with our current PRI, and 99% uptime with our WAN fiber provider.  Our ISP has gone down on occasion due to fiber cuts outside our location.
Is it correct that you have a star network topography between the 14 locations that access the internet via one ISP connection at the BOE building. Will you be adding additional ISP gateways for load balancing or redundancy?
Yes, this is correct.  We will not be adding other connections for redundancy at this time.
Can we get more details on the paging systems in place?
Answered below.
What paging solutions are in place at each location and are they certified to be fully operational? Are the paging systems tied together between locations for functions like Zone Paging, evacuation tones or class tone schedules?
DES and NES have the Valcom Class Connection paging system.  THS, TMMS, TES and MES have the Valcom MultiPath system.  Each system is separate from the others.
Is there a CAT5e/6 cable drop at/near the Paging Amp for ATA connectivity?
It would depend upon where the amps are located.  Some are in closets where there is no connectivity.
What is the current load rating on the APC battery backup units?
The APCs are model SMX2000RMLV2U with a load rating of 2000VA.  Note these are only in the MDFs of each site.  The phone and intercom systems may be in closets other than the MDF.
What equipment is currently being backed up by these APC battery backup systems?
Primarily the network switches.  The Valcom system may or may not be plugged into it as well.
If additional POE switches are required, will MCSD be responsible for adding additional switches where and as needed?
Yes, we will be responsible for adding switches.
What is the amount of time recordings are to be stored?
Awaiting clarification of the question.  Length of time to record or length of time to keep a recording?
Are there CAT5e/6 cable drops at each FAX machine location?
No, there are some fax machines that are not near a network drop.
Can you confirm that there is already CAT5e/6 cabling at each phone location?
Do any floor plans exist for all locations?
Yes, email Aubrey Jones for the floorplans.
Is there good cellular coverage at all building locations?
Not necessarily within the buildings. Dearing is questionable even outside of the building.
What is the length of the contract?
The only contract will be for license, maintenance and software,  They should be annual.

Will contract be paid up front or monthly/annual billing?
The original install will be paid upon completion and successful testing, start-up and training. Recurring costs, such as licensing/software fees would be paid annually.
The RFP shows a total of 237 devices needed, but we would need their knowledge worker (users with voice mailbox) count for the BOM. How many users would need a voicemail set up?
Approximately 493 total voice mailboxes will be needed.  This includes all phones and teacher mailboxes.

Will the reception devices need sidecars and if so what is the count? (Clarification:  The sidecar is a device that connects to the phone to expand the number of buttons that can be assigned.)
Only three of our receptionists currently have Mitel 5224's with the 5448 Key Modules attached - BOE, THS and TMMS.  BOE has 43 numbers programmed, THS has 57 and TMMS has 43.  That's phone and module combined.