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Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction

Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction
Thomson High School
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The job of the assistant principal is to assist the principal in his/her endeavors to be the educational leader in the school with the responsibility for site-based management and the total operation of the school.


***Helps to direct the development of the school vision and the establishment and maintenance of the school philosophy and educational programs, consistent with the community characteristics and school system goals and practices.
***Helps to implement protocols, procedures and regulations that are consistent with federal law, state law and school board policy.
***Helps to develop and evaluate, annually, the school’s program plans, to include, but not limited to: instruction, performance, technology, special education, gifted, and etc.
***Helps to coordinate or supervise the school’s daily operating schedule for staff and students.
***Helps to coordinate or supervise the school’s guidance program to enhance individual student education and development.
***Helps to coordinate or supervise the school’s media services.
***Helps to coordinate or supervise the school’s nutrition services.
***Helps to coordinates or supervise the school’s maintenance, custodial, and security services.
***Helps to coordinate or supervise the school’s transportation services.
***Helps to select, orient, assign, supervise and evaluate staff to attain the goals of the educational program.
***Helps to foster good interpersonal relations among staff and students.
***Helps to establish and successfully implement high standards for student achievement and acceptable behavior.
***Helps to monitor the evaluation of student performance and utilizes related data to assess the effectiveness of the instructional program.
***Helps to conduct staff meetings on a regular basis and other grade level and subject area activities as appropriate.
***Helps to serve as a liaison between the school and the parents and the community.
***Helps to inform the parents and the community of school-related activities and encourages participation in school life.
***Helps to articulate the plans and activities of the school to the administration and the school board.
***Helps to respond to administration’s written and oral requests for information and required reports and documents in a timely manner.
***Helps to provide for adequate inventories of school property and for the security of and accountability for that property.
***Helps to assume the overall responsibility for the safety, security and appearance of the school facility and the supervision and evaluation of all support staff.
***Helps to complete other tasks and duties as assigned by the principal, superintendent or his/her designee.


***Should have excellent written and oral communication skills
***Should possess administrative, supervisory, and leadership skills
***Should be able to multi-task
***Should be able to get results both on time and within budget
***Should have basic computer competency skills
***Should have great organizational skills
***Should have good interpersonal skills


***Should exhibit a pleasant personality
***Should be willing to cooperate
***Should be willing to compromise


***Occasional lifting
***Occasional carrying
***Occasional pushing and/or pulling
***Some stooping, kneeling, crouching and/or crawling
***Significant fine finger dexterity
***Generally: 33% sitting/34% walking/33% standing


***A Master’s Degree or higher from an accredited college or university with a concentration in Educational Leadership, Administration and/or Supervision
***At least five years of successful experience as a classroom teacher
***A Leadership Certificate (L, PL, NL, NPL, PRL, SRL) Tier I or Tier II in Educational Leadership
***The Board of Education reserves the right to accept equivalent qualifications, as the Board may deem appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Principal

SUPERVISES: Personnel serving in assigned school

EVALUATION: Job performance will be evaluated annually in accordance with school board policy.

CONTRACT: 230 day school year

SALARY: In accordance with the McDuffie County Board of Education salary schedule

Posting Date: February 16, 2024 Closing Date: May 10, 2024
Contact Angie Rogers
Phone: 706-986-4000
Fax: 706-986-4001
716 North Lee Street, Thomson, GA 30824