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Band Teacher/Director

Band Teacher/Director
Thomson McDuffie Middle School

• Provides Instruction
• Teaches at an appropriate instructional level
• Provides content development
• Provides teacher-focused content development
• Provides student-focused content development
• Assesses and Encourages Student Progress
• Promotes student engagement
• Monitors student progress
• Responds to student performance
• Responds to adequate performances

Assist the Director of Middle School Bands with all duties associated with the Middle School Program.

Primary Ensemble – 7th Grade Concert band
Other Ensemble assigned by the Director of
Middle School Bands or the Director of Bands.
(Assist with 6th Grade and 8th Grade Bands)

Specified Marching Band Duties: Assistant Middle School Director

Rehearsals: All Band Directors are to report to Marching Rehearsal by 3:30 PM. Directors are to attend all rehearsal sessions. Duties and responsibilities include:

• Sectional Rehearsal
• Drill Placement
• Other duties as appointed by the Director of Bands and Assistant High School Band Director
• Onsite instrument maintenance

HS Games: Assistant Middle School Director

All Band Directors are to attend all high school football games. Duties and
responsibilities for games include:

• Print and distribute Directions for away games
• Acquire Band seating upon Arrival
• Monitor Stands Behavior
• Assist in student restroom schedules
• Sectional Half time warm up
• Other duties as appointed by the Director of Bands
Start Date
Contact Angie Rogers
Phone: 706-986-4000
Fax: 706-986-4001
716 North Lee Street, Thomson, GA 30824