Attached is information to assist our retirees in making their Open Enrollment elections for health insurance.
If you do not make elections, your current health care coverage will roll into 2020.  If your are currently paying a tobacco surcharge, you will continue to pay a tobacco surcharge.
Remember, that if you are turning 65 during 2020, you should obtain your Medicare Parts A and B coverage 3 months prior to your 65th birthday and after the Medicare information is provided to State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP), you will be moved to the Medicare Advantage plan offered through SHBP.  For additional information concerning this process, contact Sheilah Johnson at the Central Office at 706-986-4048.
The Retiree Decision Guide and rates applicable to current retirees (under the old policy) are attached.  If you plan to retire in 2020, you will need to verify which rate structure will be applicable to you - old policy or new policy. 
Retirees needing assistance with open enrollment elections may contact Sheilah Johnson to schedule an appointment at 706-986-4048.