CCRPI Scores Increase in All Schools

The McDuffie County School System is pleased to announce that the College and Career Ready Performance Index scores have increased for all six schools in the district. In total, McDuffie County’s schools improved their 2018 CCRPI scores by a total of 72.6 points in 2019. While statewide scores decreased in the elementary and middle grades, McDuffie is one of only two CSRA RESA districts which showed an increase in CCRPI for each school in its district. Additionally, all schools exceeded the CCRPI target scores set by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement.

Among the 132 schools in the CSRA RESA area which received scores for CCRPI components in 2018 and 2019, Thomson High School was 2nd in Graduation Rate increase; Thomson-McDuffie Middle School was 2nd in Closing Gaps increase; R. L. Norris Elementary was 4th in Progress increase; and J. A. Maxwell Elementary was 5th in Content Mastery increase. In overall CCRPI score increases from 2018 to 2019, Thomson Elementary School ranked 4th among CSRA RESA schools, while J. A. Maxwell Elementary was 5th. Dearing Elementary School earned the highest Content Mastery and Readiness scores among the district's schools in 2019.