Attached is a decision guide to assist retirees with making health insurance elections for 2022 during the Retiree Option Change Period occurring October 18 - November 5, 2021.  
If assistance is needed, appointments may be scheduled with Sheilah Johnson at 706-986-4048 or
The health insurance plans and rates for 2022 are unchanged.  IF YOU DO NOT MAKE ANY ELECTIONS, YOUR CURRENT ELECTIONS WILL ROLL OVER TO NEXT YEAR.
Remember that health insurance rates for retirees depend on the years of service prior to retirement.  Answer the following questions to determine if you are subject to the basic subsidy policy or the years of service subsidy policy:
Were you an annuitant on 1/1/2012 (meaning were you receiving a retirement check from a state retirement system - ERS, TRS, Fulton, or APS and enrolled in SHBP retirement coverage on 1/1/2012)?  or;
Were you a former employee on 1/1/2012 (meaning had you resigned from employment, had at least eight years of service as a state employee or had eight years of service with a state retirement system as a teacher or public school employee and was enrolled in state extended SHBP coverage on 1/1/2012)?  or;
Did you have five years of service in a state retirement system on 1/1/2012 from where you will receive an annuity ERS, TRS, Fulton, or APS? 
If you did not answer YES to at least one of the above questions, you are subject to the Annuitant Years of Service Rates.  
Links are provided for the the basic subsidy policy as well as the years of service subsidy policy.  Please check carefully to be sure you are reviewing the correct rates.
Basic Subsidy Under 65 Rates
Basic Subsidy 65 and Over Rates
Years of Service 65 and Over Rates
Years of Service Under 65 Rates
Please contact Sheilah Johnson at 706-986-4048 if you have questions concerning the rates.