Please see the attached information for active employees regarding Open Enrollment for health insurance, flexible benefits, United Way and Colleagues Helping Colleagues.  
The letter addresses changes in plans, rate information, etc.
Brochures and flyers are attached to provide additional information.
For health insurance - this year is a passive enrollment wherein you DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ACTION if you do not wish to make any changes.
For flexible benefits - not action is required to continue your current benefits EXCEPT:
1) Flexible spending accounts do not roll over and must be elected each year; and
2) Delta Dental has been replaced by Cigna Dental.  Current enrollees in the Delta Select and Select Plus Plans will roll over into the Cigna Select and Select Plus plans if you do not make open enrollment elections.
If you need an appointment for assistance, please contact Sheilah Johnson at [email protected] or by phone at 706-986-4048.