BOE Approves Resolution in Support of Eliminating Term Limits

During the February 16 meeting, the McDuffie County Board of Education voted 4-2 in favor of a resolution that supports the elimination of term limits for its members. The board had discussed this as a possibility in previous meetings and had been working with state senators to craft the legislation necessary to eliminate the two-term limit currently in place for board members. Because the resolution has passed, the state legislature plans to move forward with a bill during the 2023 legislative session.

The elimination of term limits does not change the number of board members or the district geographic configurations. Also, no other elected board in McDuffie County, and no other school boards in our 12-county region have term limits. Should the legislation be signed into law, current McDuffie County board members wishing to serve a third or additional terms would still be required to qualify and run for reelection.