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Gifted Education

McDuffie County Schools believes that within the total student population, there are gifted students who show potential for performing at exceptionally high levels compared to others of their age, experience or environment. These students are found in all ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic groups and need differentiated instruction to achieve at levels commensurate with their abilities. It is be expected that a gifted student will acquire in the higher levels of thinking – to apply and synthesize knowledge to new situations, to organize thoughts, and give value to new and challenging ideas.

McDuffie provides service options for the student identified as intellectually gifted and/or talented that provide experiences which helps each student develop as an independent learner. The program gives participants an increasing responsibility to set goals, to gain the skills necessary to work systematically toward these goals, to develop and maintain a love of learning, to learn from failure, and to gain skill in realistically evaluating their own efforts, therefore reaching their maximum potential as responsible productive citizens and life-long learners. The successful attainment of this goal is dependent upon the collaborative effort among community, educators, and parents.

For more information, contact the assistant principal at your child's school. You may also click here for a gifted education program description.