Shondale Green » Welcome to World & Georgia Studies with Ms. Green

Welcome to World & Georgia Studies with Ms. Green

Welcome everyone! It is my pleasure to let you know that you will become a world traveler this year.   I, as your tour guide, will embark on a  journey with you as we visit faraway lands, and the state of Georgia.   With our bus passes and passports in hand,  I look forward to guiding you on this wonderful adventure. 


Our 6th and 7th grade classes will travel to Europe, Canada, Australia, South America, and the Caribbean, learning about physical and human geography, economics, government, cultural traits and current events; exploring how these things impact the world we live in and how we interact with them every day.

Our 8th grade class will travel all over Georgia learning about the state's geography, economy, history: to include the American Revolution, World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement, and more. We will also discuss current events happening in Georgia right now.  We will learn  how Georgia has been impacted by the world and how these same interactions apply to our lives today. 

Special Reminder: EVERY class has homework! Monday-Thursday students are REQUIRED to read ATLEAST twenty minutes and complete a reading log to be signed by a parent or guardian. This is a GRADED assignment.