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Based on the current public health data, the McDuffie County School System will expand in-person instruction for face-to-face students in grades Pre-K – 12 to five days per week effective April 12, 2021.

Invitation to Bid: Lawn/Shrub Maintenance

The McDuffie County School District is soliciting bids for lawn/shrub maintenance for the campuses of Dearing Elementary School, Maxwell Elementary School, Thomson Elementary School, Norris Elementary School, Thomson-McDuffie Middle School, Thomson High School, the McDuffie Achievement Center, the Central Office, the Maintenance/ Transportation department and the Big Dog parking lot. Please see the linked document for full details.

Re-opening Update - December 3, 2020 - Second Semester Plans

The McDuffie County School System plans to expand in-person instruction for PK-12th grade face-to-face students to five days per week beginning January 5, 2021. A Learn from Home option will also be offered for second semester. All schools will accept instructional model change requests for second semester December 7-10, 2020.

Majority to Minority Notice 2021-2022

Under guidelines of 1974 Order Ridley and United States v. Georgia, the McDuffie County School System must inform all parents of children living in McDuffie County of the opportunity for a Majority-to-Minority transfer to eligible schools.  Parent(s)/Guardian(s) have the option of requesting a transfer for their child in which his or her child is the majority to a school in which his or her child is the minority.
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