Federal Programs

This is the section of our website where parents can find more information about the federal programs in which the McDuffie County School District participates. Check here for updates pertaining to our Title I schools, federal programs procedures and other related information.

The following federal programs are administered through the Department of Curriculum & Instruction:
  • Title I, Part A
  • Title I Family-School Partnership
  • Title I, Part C (Migrant Education Program)
  • Title II, Part A
  • Title III (English Learner & Immigrant Services)
  • Title IV, Part A
  • Title V, Part B
  • ESSER I, II, and III (Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief), to include Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES); Coronavirus Response & Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA); and American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) 
Other federal programs which supplement services provided by the district include:
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  • Carl D. Perkins Career & Technical Education Act
With the Department of Student Services and Supports, the Department of Curriculum & Instruction coordinates services for homeless children and youth as well as students in foster care placements.  The federally-funded School Nutrition Program is facilitated by the Department of Auxiliary Services.



Federal Programs Role(s)

Contact Information

Dr. Lynn Cato


Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Title I-A Director

Title I-C Contact

Title II-A Coordinator

Title III Coordinator

Title IV-A Coordinator

Title V-B Coordinator

ESSER Contact

716 N. Lee Street

Thomson, GA  30824

[email protected]

Phone: 706-986-4022

Fax:  706-986-4001

Mrs. Anita Cummings

Family Engagement Liaison

Title I-A Family Engagement Liaison

716 N. Lee Street

Thomson, GA  30824

[email protected]

Phone: 706-986-4049

Fax:  706-986-4001

Mrs. Angie Rogers

Director of Student Services

IDEA Director

716 N. Lee Street

Thomson, GA  30824

[email protected]

Phone: 706-986-4151

Fax:  706-986-4101

Ms. Yolanda Copeland

School Social Worker

Foster Care Point-of-Contact

Homeless Liaison

716 N. Lee Street

Thomson, GA  30824

[email protected]

Phone: 706-986-4144

Fax: 706-986-4101

Dr. Steve Rhodes

CTAE Director

Perkins Administrator

P.O. Box 1077

Thomson, GA  30284

[email protected]

Phone:  706-986-4212

Fax:  706-986-4201

Dr. Cecil Strong

Director of Auxiliary Services

School Nutrition Director

716 N. Lee Street

Thomson, GA  30824

[email protected]

Phone: 706-986-4055

Fax: 706-986-4001