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Facility Use

The school buildings and grounds in the care and control of the McDuffie County Board of Education may be used by local civic, educational, cultural, religious, or recreational groups subject to the following terms and conditions:

A. School sponsored activities will always take precedence over any other use of school facilities. Schools may not be rented to individuals or groups for profit making activities.
B. The principal shall be responsible for approving and scheduling the use of school facilities by community organizations. Personal use is prohibited.
C. A fee will be charged for the use of the facility prior to use. Payment will be required 10 days prior to use.

D. Building supervision:

1. A building administrator must be employed by the renter. The group will pay the administrator's charges directly to him/her prior to the start of the event.

2. A building custodian must be employed by the renter who will assist in setting up for use and will assist with the clean-up. The group will pay the custodian's charges directly to him/her prior to the start of the event. Should the event run longer than scheduled, additional fees shall be paid to the custodian at the same rate.

3. If sound or lighting is needed, a sound/light technician must be employed. The group will pay the technician’s charges directly to him/her prior to the start of the event.

E. Any event with an expected crowd of more than 300 people requires the renter to contact the McDuffie County Planning Board to ensure compliance with all local ordinances related to a Large Public Assembly Event. Proof of this meeting and a copy of the safety plan must be submitted to the school prior to the event. Security personnel may be requested at the principal's and/or superintendent’s discretion.

F. Recreational activities and game sports will be limited to those sponsored by the Thomson-McDuffie Recreation Commission on a year to year agreement.

G. The user shall be responsible for all loss or damage occurring to the facility and the property of students or employees. A damage fee deposit may be required by separate payment.

H. The organization or association must maintain and provide proof of a minimum of $1,000,000.00 in liability coverage applicable to the use of the facilities and effective for the duration of the facility’s use.

I. The agreement between the principal and user will be in writing and cover specifically all aspects of use including waiver of liability.

J. All facilities shall be rented “as is”. Tables and other furnishings will not be moved between schools. If different furnishings are needed, they must be rented through outside vendors.

K. A food service employee must be present when the lunchroom/kitchen is in use. Kitchen equipment may only be used by a food service employee. The group will pay the food service employee charges directly to him/her prior to the event.

L. Alcoholic beverages, drugs, or tobacco products are not permitted on school property.

M. Regular meetings of school support groups, e.g., PTO, Booster Clubs, etc., may be held at no charge to the group.

N. This policy shall have an effective date of July 1, 2018
McDuffie County Schools
Date Adopted: 5/13/1992
Last Revised: 8/12/2010
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