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Energy Conservation

We are always looking for ways to save resources while at the same time providing the resources that are needed to operate the school district in an efficient manner. Since energy is a major cost for the school system, it is important that all schools and offices work together to reduce cost consumption of energy services.

We have an energy conservation program that is managed by Mr. Guy Cole, with assistance from Ms. Christie Cook. Through this program, Mr. Cole continuously monitors and controls the temperature in all schools through a computer networking system. An energy report and a school energy consumption cost summary are generated on a monthly basis to be available for board meetings.

On the energy report, kilowatt and gas usage for all schools are presented to display energy consumption and cost for each month of the school year. With the school energy consumption cost summary, each month’s usage is compared to that of the previous year’s to show if there was an increase or decrease in cost. Each report is essential to conserving energy. Both reports assist in determining inconsistencies due to inefficient energy use.