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Preschool Special Education

McDuffie County Schools maintains a program for students 3-5 identified as having significant developmental delays. Students may have delays in one or more of the five skill areas: communication, cognition, social/emotional development, physical delays (fine and gross motor) and adaptive development. The total developmental process is assessed, and delays in specific areas are not treated singularly.

Children may be referred through a variety of sources such as parents, private day care, physicians, health department, department of family and children services, and individual citizens.

A continuum of service delivery models is available including community setting with consultation with staff and or parents to modify the environment and or the curriculum or materials. Services generally consist of direct teaching to the children through a combination of individual and group activities. Some community-based settings are Head Start, Pre-K programs and private day care.

School-based programs include resource speech/language services, and four half-day programs.