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Social Work

McDuffie County School Social Workers serve as the link between the student, family, school and community to remove barriers that prevent children from having a successful education experience. School Social Workers are members of your local school’s educational team and serve as resources to assist you and your child with his/her education. A student referred to the school social worker may be having difficulty in one or all of the following areas:
  • Attending School
  • Achieving in School
  • Adjusting to School
School Social Workers work very closely with all schools and community agencies in encouraging daily attendance at school for all students. They are members of the Attendance Support Team which is responsible for implementing and mentoring the county attendance policy to reduce absences, tardy days and early checkouts. The Attendance Support Team reviews all cases of students with eight or more absences.
McDuffie County School Social Workers
Yolanda Copeland, MSW, EdS
[email protected]

Stephanie Taylor, MSW
[email protected]
For more information about School Social Workers contact the SSWAG (School Social Workers Association of Georgia) website: